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  1. Boy's World Annual 1967 -Hardcover

    The Hunter and the Hunted, man versus bear 4
    The Bridge That Collapsed, a strip story 9
    Build Yourself a Bridge, a Meccana model 13
    The Mechanical Diver, a cutaway drawmg 14
    All Action Trains, in war and peace 16
    The Fast Ones, modern motor sport 20
    Model Motor Racing, on a table-top 23
    Motor Rally, what is it really like? 24
    Motor Rally in Miniature, in your own home! 27
    Pony Express, a Wild West strip story 28

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  2. Antique GRIEG EDVARD Sheet Music

    Solvejgs Lied
    Solvejgs Song - Chanson de Solvejg
    Sopran - Tenor
    Edition Peters
    Nr 2453
    7 pages

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  3. Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse's Picnic - Hardcover

    Story by Jane Werner
    Illustrations by The Walt Disney Studio
    Golden Press Book
    Western Publishing Company, Inc
    New York, New York Racine, Wisconsin

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  4. Recits D'Histoire Canadienne par E. Z. Massicotte Rare
    Recits D'Histoire Canadienne par E. Z. Massicotte

    Bibliotheque Canadienne
    Collection Dollard
    Montreal Librairie Beauchemin, Limitee
    79, rue St-Jacques
    1924 year
    124 pages

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  5. Les Poissons De Nos Eaux Claude Melancon

    Librairie Granger Montreal 1946
    Avec 126 Dessins en Noir
    par Germaine Bernier et Jacques Bedard
    Seconde Edition
    Librairie Granger Freres Limited

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  6. Sous Les Griffes Du Leopard C. Testore s.j.

    Traduit et Adapte par Jean Riecca
    Illustrations de Pierre Rousseau
    Les Editions Du Clocher
    39,41,43, Rue de Constantine - Toulouse
    1938 year
    79 pages

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  7. Refrigerator Sweet Dough Recipe

    With 4 Varied and Delicious Recipes
    by Rita Martin
    Director, Home Service Department
    Robin Hood Flour Mills Limited
    25 pages with photos

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