A Sunset Book Furniture Finishing and Refinishing 1973

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A Sunset Book Furniture Finishing and Refinishing 1973 -8

Few homes are without one or more pieces of furniture that the owner would like to see refinished. However, the relatively high cost of commercial finishing, or the natural hesitancy to tackle an unfamiliar job without guidance, usually condemns the pieces to remaining as-is or being discarded. This book provides answers to most finishing needs, from quick cover-ups to the finest traditional surfaces. Fast and serviceable finishes, fine finishes, and the more useful of the decorative finishes are presented.
The creative aspects of do-it-yourself finishing are every bit as important as those related to economics. The amateur can take the time to achieve exact colors, finishes, and textures, and to perform experiments with materials, color, and texture that he might hesitate to ask or pay for from a professional. Anyone can produce highly acceptable first finishing jobs with minimal equipment simply by following the common sense procedures given in this book. With a little practice, finishes equal or superior to commercial ones are possible.
Well built, unfinished furniture made with cabinet woods deserves the very best modern or traditional finishes. Less expensive unfinished furniture may need only the quick, attractive cover-ups listed in the chapter on unfinished furniture. Highly individual hand detailing touches that provide interesting high­lights and accents but which are too often omitted for lack of handy reference materials are covered in the chapter on decorative finishes, which details glaz­ing, antiquing, decoupage, gilding, stenciling, striping, and flocking.
We acknowledge with gratitude the aid of many individuals who made their furniture, materials, time, and experience available in the preparation of this book. The fine antique corner cupboard shown in the cover photograph was provided by Mary F. Rafferty, Antiques, Menlo Park, California


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