1. 28/Apr2021

    Buy Vintage Cameras

    If you have been looking for the best vintage cameras to buy, worry no more! We have a solution for you. Whether you want to use it, collector, or even both, there are many different types of of them in the world that I believe will suit your pocket. You can get your preferred vintage cameras at any time. So do not worry!

    To begin with, these cameras are made in different designs including accordion, double lens, instant cameras, 35 mm lens, box, and single lens among others. Some collectors prefer using personal cameras produced for public to early wooden box cameras which are only meant for professional use while others like the traditional one due o their low prices.

    Reasons why you should buy these products

    One of the main reasons why you should buy vintage camera is the quality of images it produces. This type of cameras has good lens that are useful in the production of clear and quality images. You can shoot or take the photo from any angle. To be precise, you only need to twist the viewfinder in order to obtain the best photos.

    Another reason is that the products have good camera. For example, vintage camera designed for professional purpose have high-quality cameras to help you get the desired images. These cameras are very attractive and more appealing.

    Lastly, they come at reasonable prices and in different designs and each design has its own price. Therefore, it is very easy for you to get the one that is suitable for your budget.

    Kodak camera, on other hand, is has been one of the best cameras in the world for many years. It is very reliable, affordable, and produces high-quality photos. The Kodak camera is designed to help you obtain high-quality photos regardless of the distance or
    your angle. In term of framing, Kodak camera uses a viewfinder offset from the lens to perform this function more effectively. The camera is actually meant to line up a shot. Just like many rangefinders, this camera faces parallax error which one has to count when shooting. However, you can twist the viewfinder from one side to another in order to take proper shooting especially in the landscape orientation. However, there is always small stand for keeping the camera upright when positioned vertically.

    Tips for buying the best camera

    Before you buy vintage camera, there are things you should put in mind and they include, your purpose for buying camera, quality of the camera you want, its durability, and the price. For professional purpose, it is good for you to buy the camera that has two double lens as the lens will help you to get quality photos when shooting.


    In general, although there are many types of cameras in the world, vintage camera and Kodak camera are the most common used cameras
    among people in the country, because they produce high-quality photos and are easy to use. You only need manual to operate them if you are a beginner. They are also affordable and you can get one that is of your budget. Get yours now!

  2. 28/Apr2021

    Vintage Camera ISO

    100 - Full Sun, no shade.
    200 - Lots of sun, could be in partial shade or an overcast day out in the open.
    200 - Inside on a sunny day, directly by a large window.
    400 - In the shade on a sunny day or under a covered area on an overcast day.
    700 - Inside on a sunny or overcast day (near a window)
    640-800 - Sun is starting to set and less light.
    800 - Inside, quite a distance from a window (sunny outside)
    850-1000 - Inside, quite a distance from a window (overcast day)
    1250 - Inside during the evening, light bulbs are the only source of light.
    1600 - Inside a dark room where there is a light source (theatre, school production, etc)