Gateway to Apshai for the Commodore 64

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Epyx Computer Software Presents
Gateway to Apshai is an action-adventure game for the Commodore 64, ColecoVision and Atari 8-bit family, developed by The Connelley Group and published by Epyx as a prequel to Temple of Apshai. It is a more action-oriented version of Temple of Apshai, with smoother and faster graphics, streamlined controls, fewer role-playing video game elements, and fewer room descriptions.


In Gateway to Apshai the player assumes the role of an unnamed adventurer, who tries to survive a series of increasingly difficult dungeon levels filled with both treasure and monsters. Each level is played within a freely selectable dungeon. Level 8 of the dungeon perpetually repeats until the player runs out of lives, ending the game.

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Country of Manufacture Philippines
Color Black
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